Selling open edition 10x14" prints of my Imperial Steam and Light series. Available on both Ebay and Etsy. Click the banner for more details or head directly to the store. Thank you everyone for the support, I will continue to work hard on expanding the collection!
I would love to hear your feedback, suggestions and criticism. Please take a second to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and my newly launched Instagram. I appreciate the support!
June 01 2015
Hi all, sorry it's been awhile since I updated my website. Been a busy but productive few months, I will update the site as soon as I can. For the time being please follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the latest news, including weekly character art, an exhibition and new publication!
August 08 2014
Steampunk World is an anthology of multicultural steampunk short stories. Published with 18 interior ink illustrations and two different versions of cover art, it is now available for order! Click the banner for some previews!
July 20 2014
Author Richard Tong and I will be hosting a panel on "Novel Ideas: Hybrid Storytelling & The Art of Collaboration" during this year's Hong Kong Book Fair. It will be an hour long seminar and is free for anyone that pre-regiester. Click the banner for more information and a piece of unreleased art!
July 02 2014
Jade Key is my latest addition to my Imperial Steam and Light series and my first environment concept. The two children in it are early visual concepts of the characters in my short story. I'm also cross-publishing this image as the cover of the limited edition of Steampunk World anthology. Check out the art and stayed tuned for the release announcement of the book.
March 07 - May 18 2014
Steampunk Art is Asia's first large scale Steampunk exhibition running from March 8 to May 18 in Seoul Art Center in South Korea. I'm honored to exhibited my work and to represent Hong Kong. In May I visited Korea for the exhibition and to lead workshops and panels. Click the banner for the highlights. More photos on my Facebook page.
March 20 2014
A modified version of my newest image Chimera is on the cover of the latest issue of Fan City, a Russian fantasy art magazine. The publication also includes a 10 image showcase and an in-depth interview! Click to see some details.
March 09 2014
What a heavy snow season! Or so I've heard since I'm in Hong Kong... But don't fret, check out my new image, Chimera, for the solution to all your problems. Hope you guys like it! Prints are now also available via my online stores.
March 01 2014
The Steampunk Bible is a coffee table art book dealing with all things steampunk, my artwork is showcased on the front and back end papers, as well as the feature section. It recently got translated into French! Click the banner above for a small preview and links to reviews. Merci beaucoup!
Feburary 27 2014
Steampunk Hands Around the World is a month long event in February 2014 showing and sharing that steampunk and the community is global and as such, all steampunk everywhere are connected. I wrote a short article to present my artwork and my experience with the steampunk community, and how it took me around to world meeting people I would have never met!
December 10 2013
Raccoon Express is a fun new addition to my on going series. I had so many humorous ideas and whimsical imagery I wanted to add to this piece I found myself constantly stuck at deciding what to include! I hope you guys enjoy the new piece, feel free to leave me a message via Twitter or Facebook. Prints are now also available via my online stores.
December 04 2013
Time Out Hong Kong magazine interviewed author Richard Tong and I for our collaboration in the newly released graphic hybrid novel "Bitch on Heat". I created a noir illustration of myself, the author, and the main characters of the novel to go along with the article. Click the banner to check out the online article and be sure to check out the printed mag tomorrow!
November 03 2013
Set in the shadows of 1987 old Hong Kong, Bitch on Heat takes the reader on the thrilling misadventures of Jack So. A noir graphic hybrid novel written by Richard Tong and illustrated by me, it is the first book in a 3 part series. Working on ink narratives was so refreshing, before I became primarily known as a steampunk artist, inks and comics was my specialty! Click the banner to learn more, it is available on hardcover via bookazine, and e-book via amazon.
July 04 2013
Steamworks, a brewery based in Vancouver Canada, contacted me to design a handful of Vancouver themed steampunk machinery to use as labels for their steam brewed bottled beers. Click the banner above for the brewery website, and here for a glimpse into the design process between myself and illustrator Michael Halbert.
June 25 2013
Expose 11, an artbook from Ballistic Publishing, is promoted as a collection of "the finest digital art in the known universe," with over 8000 submissions this year. I am very lucky to have my work be included among artpieces I consider truly jaw-dropping.
March 19 2013
Time magazine website featured my Imperial Airship painting as one of their examples of the new developments in Steampunk culture! Though only one of my images was shown along with a small paragraph caption, it is an honor to be included in such a predominant magazine.
October 04 2012 is one of the leading community in "sci-fi, fantasy, the universe and related subjects". They published an interview with me back in 2009 regarding the artwork and inspiration behind my Imperial Steam and Light series. I caught up with Tor this month and we discussed my recent images and ideas, as well as the expansion of my series in various shows and publications around the world. There is also a sweepstake for 3 of my prints to celebrate their annual Steampunk Week! Good luck!
October 01 2012
Added a new image, Exorcist, to my Imperial Steam and Light series. I wanted to challenge myself with a dim moonlight pallet, and it really proved to be a stressful endeavor. I had a tough time balancing contrast and detail in such a limited color space. Though the painting was stressful, I really enjoyed designing the concept of the character and his contraptions. I hope everyone likes the new addition! Prints are now also available via my online stores.
October 01 2012
Vancouver Convention is one of the largest Sci Fi and Fantasy conventions in Canada. As the Artist Guest of Honor, I had the chance to showcase my existing artwork and premiered a new painting from my Imperial Steam and Light series. It was such an inspiring weekend! I had a great time meeting other artists and writers, taking part in panels, and just geeking out at the abundance of Sci Fi and Fantasy subjects. I want to thank the wonderful people at VCon for helping me get to Vancouver and being so helpful and attentive. Also a big thanks to anyone who took interest in my artwork and took time to talk to me. I was so busy during the entire show that did not take a single picture! If anyone has pictures of me at the show, please please email me a copy. It would be really appreciated, especially if you have captured my attempt to talk during a panel and looking amazingly awkward haha.
August 20 2012
Crystal Herbalist, a new addition to my Imperial Steam and Light series, is my third attempt in painting a female. The feminine presence is one of most difficult to capture. Though far from perfect, the results in this piece represent what I have learned from countless attempt in capturing the feminine form, and I am very happy to see significant improvements. I am sorry for taking so long to update my series, thank you to everyone who have been supporting me since the last release! Prints are now also available via my online stores.
June 25 2012
Established since 1988, Insectes is a french magazine about insects. Two of my paintings were featured in their most recent publication. One of the images is the bee painting in my gallery, but the other one is a sketch that had been buried for almost 5 years in an old forum post. I was very surprised that he found that image and requested to use it. Click the banner to check it out.
April 18 2012
Added 3 new images to my gallery, they are book cover illustrations from the Erec Rex novel series. This gave me a good opportunity to try my hand at different types of backgrounds, a dark cave, a lush forest, and cold mountain ranges. The client was quite happy with the results, and the author even wrote me an email to thank me for my work! There will be more books to the series in the future, so I have to continue to improve my craft to showcase it on the next cover.
February 03 2012
One of my paintings was published in the 79th Issue of ImagineFX. A magazine I followed extensively through out college. Feels great to be on their pages once again.
January 12 2012
Red Nick and Workshop Wonderland is a 4D family fairytale that premiered as the New Year show in Moscow's Olympic Stadium, the largest stadium in Europe housing over 35,000 guests. Having my personal artwork become part of this gigantic show is one of the proudest moments of my career! Click the banner above to learn more details.
January 12 2012
OnSpec, "the Canadian magazine of the fantastic", featured my painting "Imperial Inventor" as their issue 86 cover. The rest of my "Imperial Steam and Light" series inside along with an artist interview.
December 07 2011
Tiger Translate is a cross cultural art festival sponsored by Tiger Beer. Its goal is to showcase and celebrate creative talents from Asia. It was such an honor to repersent Hong Kong, and to create a visual for the art exhibition. The latest show was in Sydney, Australia, with more upcoming shows next year. Click the banner learn more about Tiger Translate.
December 06 2011
Being chosen for Spectrum 18 fantasy art annual is so motivating, and such a great way to end a year of work. I just received the book in the mail and I'm very happy to see my work printed so nicely.